Jiuzu Dukang 12 Cellar Blue 酒祖杜康 12窖 蓝盒 375ml

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  • Overview
  • This clear liquor is distilled from fermented grains such as sorghum or rice and has an alcohol content of between 40-60% alcohol by volume (ABV). With a flavor described as anything between a ‘honey’, ‘rotting fruit’ or even ‘petroleum’.
Brand Du Kang
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 52%

Product details

Comparing the upgrade of Jiuzu Dukang 12 cellars before and after, the ones before the upgrade are mainly red, and the ones after the upgrade are mainly blue. The overall picture is more concise, and the products are more elegant and noble. At the same time, the new 12 cellar area is brewed with a 50-year-old pond with a longer cellar age, which makes the product entrance softer, the cellar aroma is more intense, the decanting is faster and more comfortable; the degree is also upgraded from 50° to 52°, returning to The first-line high-end strong fragrance has a classic degree of 52°, which is in line with the consistent cognition of high-end political and business people on high-end liquor.

It can be said that the new 12 cellar area of ​​the liquor ancestor Dukang has been comprehensively improved and changed from the inside out. The creation and upgrade of this high-end quality undoubtedly won the full inner self-confidence for "Dukangxing". It is precisely because of the upgrade that Dukang Holdings has once again swept the market with its products, and its performance has improved significantly. It can be said that Dukang, the wine ancestor after the change, has won the third jump in value.