Pagoda Brand Shao Xing Rice Wine 20Yrs 500ml 塔牌二十年陈绍兴酒酿花雕

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Brand Pagoda 塔牌
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 14%

Product details

Shao Xing Chinese Rice Wine, 14% Alc.

The reason why Pagoda Brand Shao Xing Rice Wine 20Yrs has become a fine Chinese wine in Shaoxing, China, mainly stems from the unique water of JianHu Lake. Zhejiang Pagoda Distillery is located at the Jian Lake, where the water is as clear as a mirror with a sweet finish which is moderately smooth. It contains an appropriate amount of minerals - the solubility is high, the oxygen consumption is small, and the winemaking is not only good in color, aroma and taste, but also very nutritious.

Exquisite ingredient: the selection of glutinous rice - fine white and bold. It has a unique traditional craft and a strict scientific management system. The brewing of Pagoda Shaoxing wine adopts traditional handicrafts, the production is exquisite, and always maintains high quality and taste, which is respected and praised by consumers.

Color: orange or yellow, clear amber color, pleasing to the eye, the most precious and harmonious, mainly from the raw materials and the natural color of the wheat itself, produced by fermentation.
Aroma: rich and fragrant, refreshing, acids, organic fruity that make up the source of incense in the wine.

Taste: Mellow and harmonious; sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, fresh, astringent finished six-in-one, balance, harmonious integration.

82% Rice, 18% Wheat Wine with carmel color added.