WuLiangYe China 1618 五粮液 375ml

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  • Distilled out of five grains, uniquely characterized by lasting flavors and luscious tastes. Long fermentation in 600 year old cellars helps contribute to the sweet, full bodied taste and lingering finish.
Brand WuLiangYe
Region Sichua, China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 52%

Product details


This bottle of WuLiangYe 1618 is one of the most prized product of WuLiangYe Co.
With WuLiangYe's traditional blending process and modern technologies, they combined 5 different grains to create this bold and smooth Chinese spirit. The 300 years old JiaoChi (founded in 1618) makes WuLiangYe 1618 a lot more complex and smooth compared to other WuLiangYe products. Its notes are heavily layered with a mix of floral, fruity, earthy, and yeasty aromas.