Du Kang Xiao Feng Tan 375ml 2 bottles 酒祖杜康 小封坛 2瓶套装

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  • Overview
  • It’s got a very mild nose: something like cantaloupe on the first taste, musty pepper on the main palate. It’s an extremely mild alcohol burn – not too much, and just enough to keep you aware you’re drinking.  A sweet, slightly licorice finish.
Brand Du Kang
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 52%

Product details

Dukang wine is a famous Chinese historical and cultural wine. It is characterized by high-quality sorghum and rice as raw materials, pure wheat koji, and a unique process of "solid-state fermentation in mud cellars, mixed steaming and continuous grains, quality and quality of wine, and regional cellaring". It is a typical representative of Luzhou-flavor liquor in northern China.

In the Dukang brewery, in the steam of the upper retort, the busy figures of the brewing masters flashed dimly. Standing on their feet in the brewing workshop, with their dark, wrinkled and callused hands, they waved large shovels and quickly shoveled the raw materials.