Mian Rou Su Jiu 苏酒绿苏 375ml

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  • Ingrediants: Water, Sorghum, Rice, Sticky rice, Wheat, Corn, Barley. Made in Jiangsu, China.
Brand Su Jiu
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style Mellow
ABV 52%

Product details

Ingrediants: Water, Sorghum, Rice, Sticky Rice, Wheat, Maize Barley, Pea. Made in Jiangsu, China.

Fuses ancient majesty with rich, contemporary styles to usher in a new wave of mellow liquors.

The aroma is elegant and pleasing, and the flavors are sweet and mellow.

The liquor leaves you feeling uninhibited and carefree, relaxed and comfortable.