Mars Komagatake IPA Cask Single Malt Japanese Whisky 駒岳 750ml

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  • Overview
  • The IPA was a medium-dark beer using plenty of hops thereby imparting a light and refreshing citrus nose and a fruity sweetness reminiscent of grapefruits and orange with a crisp IPA-like bitter chocolate finish to the whisky.
Brand Hombo Mars
Region Japan
Spirits Type Japanese Whisky
Spirits Style Single Malt
ABV 52%

Product details

This excellent new release from Mars’ Komagatake range is a single malt whisky finished in an IPA cask that has imparted a range of fruity and gently spicy notes onto the wonderful spirit. As with most whiskies that come from Mars, the liquid is bursting with a complex array of notes for you to explore and it will keeping you coming back for another dram time after time. A real delight.