Yang He Da Qu 750ml 洋河大曲

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  • Today's Yanghe Distillery was born in July 1949 in China, the establishment of the three branches of Huaihai Trading Company Yanghe Slot Square, and in September 1951 changed its name to the SpecialTyIng Business Company of the North Bank of Jiangsu,
Brand Yang He 洋河
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 55%

Product details

Yanghe Daqu liquor liquid colorless transparent, wine aroma alcohol and, taste is particularly prominent. Alcohol rich, aftertaste cool, long aftertaste, is a typical representative of the strong flavor of large wine, has a "color, fragrance, fresh, thick, alcohol" unique style, with its "import sweet, mouthful, wine soft, cool, aftertaste, spicy" characteristics, well-known in China and abroad. 

Yanghe wine to high-quality sorghum as raw materials, wheat, barley, peas made of high-temperature fire music for fermentation agent, supplemented by the famous beauty spring craft. Its unique traditional process is: fermentation with aging cellars for 60 days, used as a filling of the grain shell, but also to fully steam, steamed wine to pinch the head to tail, medium-flow wine also need to be identified, quality verification, storage, check and then packaging.