The Kurayoshi Matsui Umeshu with Japanese Brandy Fruit Liqueur梅酒 700ml

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  • Overview
  • Matsui Whisky based and Brandy based Umeshu Plum Liqueurs have been meticulously produced at the Kurayoshi Distillery using Japanese plums and water from Mount Daisen to make for a mellow, delicious liqueur.
Brand Kurayoshi
Region Japan
Spirits Type Liqueur
Spirits Style Japanese Brandy Fruit Liqueur
ABV 14%

Product details

Home-grown Japanese plums are used in Matsui Umeshu. Then, perfectly balanced Matsui Brandy (made using the underground mineral water of Mount Daisen) is added.

Rich and full-bodied, with an elegant aftertaste. Water, ice or soda may be added according to preference.