GuoJiao 1573 375ml 国窖

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  • 1573 National Cellars has a strong aroma on the nose, sweet and fresh taste with a long finish on the palate. It is known for its exquisite national brewing craftsmanship.
Brand Guo Jiao
Region Luzhou, China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 52%

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Luzhou Laojiao is known as the "Creator of Strong Aroma Baijiu". Its flagship product, Guojiao 1573, is named after their treasured fermentation pits, which have been in use since 1573.

Guojiao 1573 uses red glutinous sorghum as the main ingredient,  and “Gan-chun qu"  as yeast starter. “Gan-chun qu” has enzymes and microorganisms that drive the fermentation process. Most importantly, it is produced in their treasured fermentation pits, which have been in continuous use for over four centuries. Using the same fermentation pits year after year, the aroma and microorganism accumulates in the walls of the pits, which creates this complex “strong aroma” baijiu. 

Guojiao 1573 is known for its mellow, smooth, and velvety structure.  A floral nose with honey, pine rein, and grilled pineapple; a velvety mouthfeel with bursting notes of fruits; and a raisin-like finish reminiscing the best grappa.  Guojiao 1573 is best served chilled at 12℃. Complex and well structured, Guojiao 1573 was soon recognized as one of the top quality baijiu in China.