Koshi No Kanbai Chotokusen 越乃寒梅 720ml

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  • Overview
  • This sake is renowned for the dignified fragrance that is unique to ginjo sake; subtle, delicious flavor; and the way its pleasing taste lingers enjoyably in the mouth after drinking. We recommend drinking it at room temperature or warmed.
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style
ABV 16%

Product details

This daiginjo sake is made from superior-grade Yamadanishiki rice with a rice polishing ratio of 30%, leveraging the techniques and sensitivities of their brewers.

Koshi no Kanbai is made in the heart of Niigata, the most renowned sake-producing region in all of Japan. The pristinely cold, snowy winters contribute to making this the idea environment for craft sake brewing, and the history and culture of the region define its character and terroir.