Kokuryu Kuzuryu 九头龙 720ml

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  • Kozuryu Nine Headed Dragon Junmai sake is light-bodied but full flavored. Notes of pear and apple mingle with a hint of nuttiness. Slightly on the dry side of the scale with fantastic balance and an extremely smooth finish.
Spirits Type
Spirits Style
ABV 14%-15%

Product details

A full-bodied saké with temperature specific characteristics that can range from a rich full bodied liqueur to a light, dry and crisp saké. 
This Junmaishu was made with the idea of combining the multiple characteristics of saké. By brewing at a specific temperature, the saké retains a rich full-bodied flavour and texture when drunk cold like liqueurs. Warm it up though and it offers a soft, light, crisp and refreshing taste with a dry finish like wine.