Kan Chiku Junmai Daiginjo Sake 寒竹 720ml

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  • Overview
  • Has a very smooth and clean taste. It is on the dry side for a Daiginjo but has a very complex side to its taste. Has subtle hints of flowers and tea.
Brand Kanchiku
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Junmai Daiginjo
ABV 15%

Product details

The nose is filled with a feint display of flower pedals and sweet tea. This Daiginjo is smooth and clean. There are nice ripe fruit flavors and a hint of mineral as in green vegetable. The sake drinks more clean than fruity sweet. It is subtle yet complex sake and would be considered dry by Daiginjo standards. Good for the sake “expanders” who would like to try a dryer Daiginjo made with Alps Yeast.

A product of nature all harvested locally, Kanchiku uses Nagano grown Miyamanishiki rice and Yatsugatake underground spring waters. It is intentionally brewed during the sub-freezing months around minus 15 degrees Celsius, to arrive at the Toji's ideal brew. The name depicts a rare species of bamboo which sprout in winter.