Kikuizumi Hitosuji Rose Sparkling Sake 菊泉 720ml

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  • A soft daydream of juicy raspberry jam, orange marmalade, and dried figs waft from this beautiful rosé sparkling sake. Sweet, pressed apple and candied hibiscus delight the palate with a creamy acidity and velvety mouthfeel for balance.
Brand Kikuizumi
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Rose Sparkling
ABV 11%

Product details

The "Kikuizumi Hitosuji Rose Sparkling Junmai" is the world's first genuine rosé Sparkling sake. It is made from "Sakemusashi" "Gohyakumangoku" sake rice from the Saitama Prefecture, refined down to 60% and brewed with "Sekishoku Koubo" (red yeast). There has already been a circulation of rosé sparkling sake in the market before, but this is the world's first type of sake that, through the secondary fermentation technique, achieves transparency and the removal of lees. Since the "Sekishoku Koubo" they used has a weaker fermenting power than other yeasts, managed to obtain a beautiful light pink color through fermentation of the "moromi" (unrefined fermentation mash in the production of sake) by paying close attention to the preparation method and the control of the fermentation temperature. In addition to the sweet flavor, reminiscent of strawberries, the delicate bubbles that bust in the mouth bring out a mellow taste. Recommend this drink for a toast on special days or as a dessert after meals.