Wilderness Trail Wheated Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

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  • Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon is made to have the lowest entry proof in Kentucky. They barrel at 100 proof to highlight the balance of the grains and alternate solubility expression from the barrel.
Brand Wilderness Trail
Region Kentucky, USA
Spirits Type Whiskey
Spirits Style Bourbon
ABV 50%

Product details

Our High In Small Grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys Are Offered As A Single Barrel – Bottled In Bond. Two Special Releases In One Bottle! The Single Barrel Selection Offers Nuances Only Premium Cooper Select Barrels Can Create From Their Toasting And Using 18-Month-Old Air-Dried Staves. After All, The Barrels Impart A Large Part Of The Flavor.

In Addition, The Bottled In Bond Gives You Assurance The Bourbon Was Properly Distilled, Aged Between 5-6 Years And Bottled By Us Under The Supervision Of The U.S. Government At 100 Proof.

Our Bottled In Bond Release Mash Bill Is 64 Percent Corn, 24 Percent Wheat And 12 Percent Malted Barley Using Our Yeast Strains. This Is One Of The Highest Ratios Of Wheat Used In A Bourbon Made In Kentucky. We Entered The Cooper Select, Toasted And #4 Char Barrel At 110 Proof After Coming Off The Still Around 137 Proof. We Then Age Our Bourbon In Our Two -Story Rickhouse A, Moving Floors Each Year Of Maturation.