Tamanohikari Bizen Omachi Black Label 720ml 玉乃光

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  • There are many products which are made with 20% polished Yamadanishiki rice around, but BLACK LABEL 35 is the only one that uses Omachi rice in Japan. This is their finest and highest quality premium product.
Brand Tamano Hikari Brewery
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Junmai Daiginjo
ABV 16%

Product details

Omachi 35 is polished to the limit. It is very hard to grow Omachi rice, but Tamano Hikari has made this product by making full use of their highest level of skill.  

For over 300 years, Tamano Hikari Brewery has been working their hardest to brew supreme quality sake. Their motto is that "Good Sake comes from Good Rice" and so they polish all of their sake rice - obtained through contracts with private farmers - within the walls of their brewery.  They were one of the first to halt the use of additives like alcohol and sugar, but were also the first to halt use of preservatives, and basically reestablished Junmai sake. In 1980, they added Ginjo style sake to their repertoire.  Now almost all the sake they produce is Junmai Ginjo style.