Old Forester 1910 "Old Fine Whisky" Kentucky Straight Bourbon American Whisky 750ml

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  • Overview
  • This whiskey is named after a fire in 1910 shut down the bottling line for Old Forester. Tastes of chocolate, spice, and cookies with notes of buttercream and apricot. Smooth and spicy finish
Brand Old Forester
Region Kentucky, USA
Spirits Type Whiskey
Spirits Style Bourbon
ABV 46.5%

Product details

Old Forester 1910 is the final release in the Whiskey Row Series, and it emulates that rescued Whiskey in being moved to a heavily charred (almost burned) second barrel. When it's mature enough, it's bottled at 93 proof. Old Forester 1910 is a wonderful mad scientist's experiment that delivers a unique and unprecedented flavor.

NOSE : Interlaced layers of buttercream, sticky toffee, cedar, and apricot.

TASTE : Smooth, well rounded mingling of sweet oatmeal raisin cookie and milk chocolate leading into caramel corn and evolving spice.

FINISH : Charred oak leads with a clean peripheral spice.