Knob Creek Rye 100 Proof Jigger Gift Set 750ml

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  • Made in small batches, patiently aged in the deepest charred barrels and bottled at a full 100 proof to maintain its big flavor. It's made of the highest quality rye which gives it a unique spicy, smooth flavor perfect for cocktails.
Brand Knob Creek
Region Kentucky, USA
Spirits Type American Whiskey
Spirits Style Bourbon
ABV 50%

Product details

"The light amber color and the spiciness of the rye mash on the nose are immediately appealing. The bold flavor, with notes of herbs, oak and vanilla usually found in good bourbons, is pleasing, but the kick of the rye adds another layer of pleasure. In combination with sweet vermouth, it is powerful enough to maintain its own character while easily blending with the other spirit for an excellent drink. "