Kent Rasmussen Winery Pinot Noir 2010 750ml

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  • This wine is a classic Carneros Pinot Noir with complex and multifaceted aromas of black cherry and brambles, accompanied by vanilla and earthy-mushroom characteristics.
Brand Kent Rasmussen Winery
Appellation Carneros, California
Varietal Pinot Noir
Vintage 2010
Body Light Bodied
Taste Black berries
Alcohol 13.9%

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When the history of Napa County's winemaking is rewritten many years from now, Kent Rasmussen will certainly be included. His Carneros Pinot Noirs are some of the best in the state. In addition to his reputation for making great wine, historians will probably say he was a true visionary, and that his greatest contribution was farming a region once considered too harsh for quality Pinot Noir. Before Kent planted his vineyard in 1975, only a handful of people had successfully grown this temperamental grape in Carneros. Shadowing the success of Kent Rasmussen Winery, Carneros is now considered one of the world's premier growing areas.