Houraisen Wa Junmai Ginjo Sake 蓬莱泉 和 純米吟醸 720ml

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  • Overview
  • A good balance of soft sweetness that spreads in the mouth and sharpness due to the refreshing acidity.
Brand Houraisen
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Junmai Ginjo
ABV 15.5%

Product details

‘Wa’ means harmony and this Sake reflects this, with a wonderful balance between the rice sweetness and natural acidity. There are hints of apricot and peach on the nose, with the refreshing acidity and soft sweetness on the palate providing an elegant mouth feel. It has plenty of umami flavor with a clean crisp finish.

Sekiya Jozo is quite particular about their rice, and so they always polish it within the brewery, and occasionally grow their own rice. Even the jozo (brewer's alcohol) used to fortify their sake is distilled internally out of their own sake kasu. Sekiya aims for environmental sustainability and self reliance in all of their actions.