Hakurakusei The Connoisseur Junmai Ginjo Sake 伯樂星720ml

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  • Staying true to his style, this is light, delicate, and elegant. A hallmark change from previous generations, this bottling is the brainchild of Nizawa Jozoten, the latest in a long history of sake brewers.
Brand Hakurakusei
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Junmai Ginjo
ABV 15%-16%

Product details

Slightly fuller and chewier than the Hakurakusei Tokubetsu Junmai, it shares the house style: clean and zippy and remarkably food friendly. Enjoying this out of glassware with plenty of room to breathe can really unlock its nuances, once you catch a touch of grapefruit or melon it disappears. Just full enough to stand up to richer and sweeter foods like simmered Japanese nimono dishes or to cut through chicken liver mousse. And if you’ve never tried the heavenly combination of sake and caviar, this is the place to start. Made from lesser known varietal Kura no Hana rice milled to 55%.