Duchesse de Magenta Puligny Montrachet Les Houillères 2019 750ml

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  • Overview
  • Citrus with aeration, aromas of quince paste and candied lemon appear, with a hint of toasted almond.
Brand Domaine Duc De Magenta
Appellation Burgundy, France
Vintage 2019
Oak Treatment French Oak
Aging more than 12 months
Total Varietal Composition % Chardonnay

Product details

The Mac Mahon family has been making wine in Burgundy since the early 1700’s. Patrice de Mac Mahon served as a General during the Crimean war as well as the Austro-Sardinian war of 1859. After winning the “Battle of Magenta”, Napolean III appointed Patrice “Duc de Magenta”. Patrice then went on to serve as the President of the French Republic from 1873 to 1879. The “Duke” title of the Mac Mahon family is still in existence till present day.

It was the 4th Duke of Magenta, Phillipe Mac Mahon, that brought notoriety to the Duc de Magenta Estate. Phillipe produced an incredible vintage of their 1er Cru Bottling “Clos de Garrene” that brought the label and the vineyard worldwide recognition. The Clos de Garenne Vineyard run adjacent to Les Folatieres, and a good portion of the fruit is purchased by Louis Jadot for their “Domaine Duc de Magenta Clos de Garrene bottling.  Its important to note that the 2018 vintage of Louis Jadot Domaine Duc de Magenta Clos de la Garenne is selling for nearly $200 a bottle and received huge press from major publications.

Today, the estate is Run by Amelie Mac Mahon the “Dutchess of Magenta”. Amelie lives in the Chateau de Sully and she takes care of a very small production while her children Pelagie and Maurice are waiting to take over the Estate.

Appearance: Elegant pale gold, crystalline with green highlights.

 Nose: First notes of fresh grass and citrus. With aeration, aromas of quince paste and candied lemon appear, with a hint of toasted almond.

 Palate: The attack is soft, with aromas of toast, quince paste and dried apricot. The rest is mineral and salivating, with an elegance worthy of its rank! This minerality is counterbalanced by notes of pear and honey, making for a very harmonious mid-palate. The finish is silky with buttery notes of warm brioche and apricot kernel.


Food pairing : As an aperitif, served with foie gras canapes, or with grilled lobster, fish, poultry in sauce or Roquefort cheese.