Casa Del Sol Angel's Reserve Añejo Tequila 750ml

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  • An elegant blend of Añejo and Extra Añejo aged in French Oak and XO Cognac barrels. Notes of honey, toffee, butterscotch, and dried fruit marry to create this soft, balanced tequila.
Brand Casa Del Sol
Region Mexico
Spirits Type Tequila
Spirits Style Anejo
ABV 40%

Product details

Casa Del Sol Anejo Angel's Reserve Tequila is an anejo tequila that was handcrafted in the Jalisco region of Mexico. It is made from 100% agave.

Angel’s Reserve is an elegant blend of Añejo and Extra Añejo aged in French Oak and XO Cognac barrels with notes of honey, toffee, and dried fruit, resulting in a soft balanced tequila suitable for intimate evenings or Million Dollar Margaritas.

Nose: Aroma is very pleasant.

Palate: Lovely, mild on the tongue with a slight burn at the end.

Finish: Perfect, long lasting finish.