El Zarco Tequila Gold 750ml

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  • Zarco Tequila The newest addition to Proximo's innovative line of tequilas, El Zarco is made from blue agave and double distilled for a clean, modern taste. Packaged in striking hand-painted bottles, El Zarco is superb in taste and value.
Brand Zarco
Region Mexico
Spirits Type Tequila
Spirits Style
ABV 40%

Product details

Zarco Tequila Is a state-of-the-art, modern tequila made from blue agave and distilled with advanced proprietary methods for a cleaner, smoother, crisper taste. Packaged in strikingly hand painted bottles, Zarco offers superb taste and value. 40% ABV El Zarco is a brand known for its modern, handpainted bottle and affordable price. This tequila is made from handpicked blue agave and undergoes a double distillation. Its coloring source is likely not found in the natural world.