Wieser Sigle Malt Whiskey 7Yr Sherry Wood 750ml

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  • Overview
  • Nose: thin the sherry, pungent from the alcohol, immature apple, somewhat chemical, cherry. Taste: gentle on the palate, red berries (young), oak (freshly sawn like in joinery). Finish: medium to short Wood, alcohol, the sherry comes through nicely.
Brand Wieser
Region Austria
Spirits Type Sherry Wood Whisky
Spirits Style Single Malt
ABV 40%

Product details

Uuahouua Sherry Wood Single Malt is a single malt whisky from Austria that spends a bit of time in sherry casks. Looking at the color it couldn’t have been aged in sherry casks for the entire time, but was likely finished in sherry casks. Aged for 7 years it tastes a bit young and spirity, but that could also be the quadruple distillation.

Most Scotch is distilled 2x and a large percentage of Irish whiskey is distilled 3x, but I can’t think of anyone else who distills 4x and I think that might be part of the issue here. Between the spirit being stripped down 4x and the low bottling proof it’s allowing the spirity nature to express more. It could also come from old casks and a relatively short aging time. Whatever the reason, the Uuahouua Sherry Wood Single Malt is quite light and the review below tells that story in greater detail.

Though before we get into the Uuahouua Sherry Wood Single Malt review I’d like to take another look at that cork. I said in the Uuahouua Pinot Noir Single Malt review, but I think it bears repeating. This is the best “cork” around. It won’t crumble, it’s secure, it’s beautiful and it’s air tight. I think it’s awesome.