Wieser Sigle Malt Whiskey 7Yr Sherry Wood 750ml

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  • Whiskey is transparent amber-golden color. A beautiful, rounded taste of whiskey can also be described as harmonious, saturated. A long aftertaste turns sweetish malt hues into tones of dried fruit, caramel, oak and herbs. The scent of whiskey has a pleas
Brand Wieser
Region Australia
Spirits Type Whisky
Spirits Style
ABV 40%

Product details

"Uuahouua" is a very peculiar name with even more incomprehensible pronunciation. But this is not the old Celtic curse, and not a cry of delight after a tasting of whiskey or WIESky, as it is called in Wachau at Markus Wieser distillery. In fact, Uuahouua (in the vulgar Wahowa) is the first documentary mention of the Wachau valley in 823. Markus Wieser created a collection of high-quality distillates "Uuahouua", which included gin, rum, whiskey and grape brandy.
Once Marcus Wieser got an old book, which contained hundreds of recipes of gin. At the same time he had the idea of ​​making spirits on his own. His whiskey is not an attempt to imitate the Scottish, Irish or American samples. It follows its own technology of distillation, which is carried out in 4 stages and allows reaching a distillate strength of 88%. Such high spirituousness guarantees excellent expressiveness of the grain component in the finished product. Whiskey "Uuahouua" is aged in previously used sherry barrels. In the cellars, a constant temperature of about 13 ° C is provided. Unlike the middle cold regions and above-ground storehouses, whiskey ripens here somewhat faster, reaching the necessary maturity after 7 years, while similar drinks in Scotland or Ireland receive it after 17 years. Caramel staining is not carried out.