UV Coconut Vodka 750ml

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  • Premium UV Vodka, made with pure Minnesotan water with no additives, sugar or artificial ingredients, infused with natural coconut flavor. The palate of creamy coconut milk makes this vodka perfect for mixing.
Brand UV
Region United States
Spirits Type Vodka
Spirits Style Flavored Vodka, Coconut
ABV 40%

Product details

That sweet and savory bite of coconut is captured in every bottle of UV Vodka Coconut. Real coconut is infused in UV Vodka's signature spirit made from yellow corn grown in the Midwest. The grain is distilled four times and filtered through active charcoal and reverse osmosis processes to remove impurities, take the harshness off the taste and impart a clean taste for the coconut flavor to take center stage. The vodka goes well in mixers. The drink options are delectable. Make a UV Mounds Bar by shaking one part UV Vodka Coconut with two parts Trader Vic's Chocolate over ice and strained into a martini glass.