Umiki Japanese Ocean Fused Whisky 750ml

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  • Overview
  • A hint of sea breeze and sweet floral and sea weed notes on the nose. Palate: Soothing freshness on the palate with hints of mint. Finish: Long and burst of heather honey smooth finish at the end.
Brand Umiki
Region Japan
Spirits Type Japanese Whisky
Spirits Style Blended Japanese Whisky
ABV 46%

Product details

Umiki Japanese Whisky is a unique spirit that is made from "filtered, desalinated ocean-water from the depths of the Pacific." Blended together with distilled malt whiskies from the Japanese ocean-side and imported grain whiskies, this expression is finish in Japanese pine barrels. Exceptionally smooth, Umiki brings with it a hint of sea breeze on the noise and rounded floral tastes on the palate for a fresh and soothing finish. Committed to making sustainable whisky, Umiki follows the ideals of living in harmony with our beautiful planet which is why only pure ocean water is used for blending.