The Classic Cask Blended Scotch Whiky Original Cask 23Yr 750ml

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  • This Classic Cask 23 Year Old Original Cask is part of a series of four limited release twenty-three year-old Spirits.

Product details

The Classic Cask 23 Year Old Selection began with the acquisition of superlative casks of single casks of single malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside, the Highlands and Island distilleries and premium aged grain whiskies. All were matured in their original casks for a minimum of 23 years. The whiskies were judiciously blended and then married in vats for 6 months. The blend was returned to casks for additional maturation and finishing.


NOSE: Floral with honey and vanilla
PALATE: Fruity citrus and toffee
FINISH: Long and lingering


AGE: 23 years
CASK: European oak butt
ALCOHOL: 86 Proof
OUTTURN: 782 bottles
STYLE: Blended Scotch Whisky