Shichida Sake Junmai Ginjo Nama 七田纯米吟酿 2021 720ml

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  • The powerful aroma greets you with a delicious peach scent, which hints at the flavor. Each sip brings a sweetness that plays out on your palate before it's wrapped up by a surprising dryness. This wonderful taste is developed through a 3 year aging proce
Brand Shichida
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style
ABV 16%

Product details

Tenzan Sake Brewery is located in Saga Prefecture, which is located in the northwestern part of the island of Kyushu. The brewery is owned by the Shichida family and was established in 1875. In 1861, the Shichida family founded a water mill in Ogi City, where the beautiful natural waters from Mt. Tenzan run into the Gion River. Over the next 100 years, the Shichida family milled flour, produced noodles, and polished rice for neighboring sake breweries. The mill’s somen noodles were once called the best in the country. The family decided to close their flour milling business in the 1960s to focus on brewing sake. In 1875, the Shichida Sake Brewery was established by Toshizo Shichida and his wife, Tsuki. When their neighbor, a sake brewer, went out of business, he asked Toshizo and Tsuki to purchase his brewery and equipment. From the first generation to the current fifth generation, the Shichida family has focused on brewing the highest quality sake using the best quality rice. The brewer believes that sake is the joint creation of sake makers and rice farmers and are committed to working with their suppliers to improve the quality of their sake. Shichida uses local Yamadanishiki and Saganohana milled to 55%. This sake combines the sweet aroma of white flowers and white peaches. The soft sweetness of peaches lingers on the palate, followed by a refreshing acidity and a sweet, long finish with full of umami.