Rock Hill Farm Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

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  • Overview
  • Spicy notes of toasted nuts, fruit, chocolate and marshmallow, with a hint of tobacco and caramel. A silky-smooth finish ends with a lingering sweetness.
Brand Rock Hill
Region USA
Spirits Type Whiskey
Spirits Style Bourbon
ABV 50%

Product details

Rock Hill Farms is part of the Mashbill #2 family of Buffalo Trace. The ingredient contains more than 51% corn, and 12-15% rye. Rock Hill Farms, which is only aged in single barrel, is the highest proof Mashbill #2 bourbon in the United States, until 2020.

It exudes complex aromas of cherries, roasted apples, vanilla, cinnamon and hay. On the palate, light spices and leather swirl into the sweetness of vanilla, roasted sugar and cherry. The creamy texture and oaky notes linger on the palate for a long finish. Surprisingly, this 100 proof Rock Hill Farms does not have any scent of ethanol at all!