Raen Fort Ross Home Field Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 750ml

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  • Each year this bottling presents a deep ruby red center that works its way to a brilliantly bridge edge in the glass. Initial notes of white tea, smashed raspberry, orange pith and wet gravel fill the bowl.
Brand Raen
Appellation Sonoma County, California
Vintage 2017
Oak Treatment French Oak
Total Varietal Composition % 13%

Product details

Our grandfather taught us that making good wine is a skill, fine wine, an art… our father taught us that we are winegrowers not winemakers. We are learning from the shoulders of our forefathers and that is what has brought us to the hills of the Sonoma Coast.

This all goes back to 2002 when our grandfather took us on a trip to Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany. He wanted us to see what he saw in 1962 that planted the seed that became his dream. That dream was that California could produce wines at the highest level, wine of a quality that could sit along side the finest wines of the world.

This trip he took us on, writing down the afternoon lessons in between wineries, was the greatest gift we ever received from our grandfather. Now looking back we realize that all of his lessons were his effort to simply ignite and pass on the spark, so in time we could take up the light and run with it. For us that spark became RAEN.