Nanbu Bijin Vodka 200ml

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  • Nanbu Bijin's new challenge, craft vodka.
Brand Nanbu Bijin
Region Japan
Spirits Type Vodka
Spirits Style

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Due to the new coronavirus, the demand for sake has decreased, and the demand for sake rice has also been greatly affected. In order not to cause any trouble to the farmers who have worked together with us in cultivating sake rice, we have taken on the challenge of producing new alcoholic beverages.

According to the international rules for vodka, there is a rule to "filter with white birch activated charcoal", and white birch forests in Hiraniwa Kogen in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture are very famous both in the prefecture and all over the country. The white birch from the Hiraniwa Plateau is made into charcoal, and we are using it this time.

This vodka is undoubtedly the only source of birch activated charcoal used to filter vodka.
Craft vodka preserves the umami and mellowness derived from rice, and is filtered with white birch charcoal to sharpen the pure taste. It is characterized by a very beautiful transparent taste and the umami derived from rice. Please enjoy the pleasant scent reminiscent of citrus fruits.