Moutai Bulaojiu 茅台不老酒 375ml

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  • Overview
  • Fermented from high-quality sorghum and wheat as raw materials, produced according to the Guizhou Moutai liquor process.
Brand Moutai
Region Guizhou, China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 53%

Product details

This is a sub-product of the famous Moutai Co. 
Aside from using sorghum and wheat, Moutai Bulao Wine adds other healthy ingredients including: angelica, hawthorn, longan, wolfberry and other healthy herbs.
Like the regular Moutai, this spirit has the classic soy fragrance.  Moutai Bulao Jiu is full bodied, with silky texture, and notes of yeast and fruits. There may also be a hint of acidity in the finish.