Manotsuru Maho 真野鹤 Daiginjo 720ml

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  • This perennial gold medal winning Daiginjo has clean and fresh aromas, with notes of anise.
Brand Manotsuru
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style -
ABV 18%

Product details

Obata Shuzo Brewery, producer of Manotsuru, is located on Sado Island in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan. Famed for its jizake, or unique, “micro-brewed” sakes, Niigata is well known for producing excellent sake, with its climate, rice, water, and people all contributing to the quality of their sake. Since 1982, Obata Shuzo has been producing hand-made, premium sake using pure, soft groundwater and world-famous sake rice. The kura - brewery - is still owned and managed by the Obata family. The toji - master brewer - is the acclaimed Kenya Kudo.