Kubota Senjyu Ginjo Sake 千寿 吟酿 1.8L

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  • Overview
  • The Kubota Senjyu Ginjyo Sake has flavours of caramel and cocoa in a dry and clean package. Its nose contains hints of dried fruit, minerals, nutmeg and plum, and is best enjoyed at room temperature.
Brand Kubota
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style Ginjo
ABV 15%

Product details

500 years of sake making experience have culminated in Kubota sake, a sake said to be one of the finest around. This crowning achievement has a plush texture with several layers of flavour. Each sip is a new journey, revealing more and more, like watching an artist paint up a gorgeous portrait. With countless gold medals under its belt and more than a few high recommendations, Kubota Senjyu’s has a timeless taste and is much lighter on the palate compared to Kubota Manjyu. Recommended pairing with all types of fish and vegetables.