Kitaya "Pleasureful Family" 33 Tobintori Genshu Shizuku Shibori 喜多屋 斗瓶取燦燦原酒 纯米大吟醸 720ml

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  • Aromas are soft yet strong, reminiscent of just washed rice, green melon and lilies. Ultra soft and gently sweet on the palate, the flavors of honeydew and white flowers are concentrated and coat the mouth, leaving pleasant hints of flavor after each sip.
Brand Kitaya
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style
ABV 17-18%

Product details

This bottle of undiluted Dai-Ginjyo sake is comprised of the best balance of aromatic sake collected in the Tobin through the Drip Filtration process. Each individual bottle is then professionally bottled and pasteurized. The fruity and mellow scent is perfectly balanced with the rich and exquisite taste, making this a competition ready Dai-Ginjyo.