JinLiuFu 金六福 750ml

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  • lasting aroma, mellow and luscious taste, harmonious and just-right flavor. ABV 52%
Brand Jin Liu Fu
Region Sichua, China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 52%

Product details

Jin Liu Fu is a brand of Wu Liang Ye winery series. Jin means
gold, stands for power, wealth. Liu says six, but in Chinese
means lucky. Fu means blessing. So Jin Liu Fu means “see the
blessing” when opening the door, “revealing the blessing” when
taking the wine. Jin Liu Fu enterprise was born in 1996. The alcohol
content is 52 proof. It has the same craftsmanship and raw
materials as Wu Liang Ye liquor.

Wu Liang Ye liquor is praised as the magic liquor of China.
Distilled from 5 choice fermented grains including sorghum,
glutinous rice, rice, wheat, and corn, by adopting traditional
techniques, Wu Liang Ye liquor, is uniquely characterized by
“lasting aroma, mellow and luscious taste, harmonious and just-
right flavor”, which enables it to be a category leader among the
liquor products of today.