Fuyu Mizunara Cask Blended Japanese Whisky 750ml

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  • Overview
  • Notes of coconut, caramel, smoke and cooked fruit on the palate. Mildly smoky with banana, caramel, and date on the palate, it has a pleasing roundness and spice. Enjoy on it's own as a sipper.
Brand Fuyu Mizunara
Region Japan
Spirits Type Japanese Whisky
Spirits Style Small Batch
ABV 45%

Product details

Fuyu Mizunara is a three-year-old blend made up of 50% malt and 50% grain. This whisky is matured in American white oak barrels, with a six-month finishing period in Mizunara barrels. Mizunara means 'water and oak', and what makes it special is the fact that it contains lots of naturally high moisture and its incredibly permeability that produce the aromas that are so unique to Japanese whiskies matured in Mizunara barrels.