El Tesoro Anejo Tequila 750ml

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  • Spicy, herbal aromas and flavors of sweet and spicy pickle, olives, pink peppercorn, and mango-papaya chutney with an lively, fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, complex, spiced cream and nougat, cedar cigar box, blonde tobacco, and talc finish.
Brand El Tesoro
Region Mexico
Spirits Type Tequila
Spirits Style

Product details

We dedicate ourselves to putting care, effort and hard work into every step of our process to make an exceptional agave-forward tequila. For us, it’s an honor to uphold the traditions that our founder, Don Felipe, inspired over 80 years ago.

Every day, before the sun rises over the hills, our jimador brothers travel out to the Camarena estate to begin harvesting agave. For them, this is more than just a job.

Identifying when an agave is fully mature takes an experienced eye, and harvesting by hand with the sharp coa de jima is laborious. This process requires dedication, and the brothers are honored to have learned these skills from the generations before them. It is the fully ripe agave and the mineral-rich soil of the highlands that give our tequila a complex flavor.

Once the harvested piñas arrive from the fields, the workers swing their heavy axes with strength and precision to remove the bitter stems. They chop the hearts of the agave down to the same size for an even cook. This requires a steady hand, group effort and great pride in their work.

To get that extra sweetness and flavor, we slow-cook the trimmed piñas in our traditional ovens, called hornos. We steam them at a low temperature for 48 hours and let them cool for an entire day.

Once the piñas are cooked, the workers maneuver a two-ton volcanic tahona stone to gently crush the agave fibers. The extracted juice and pulp are both used in fermentation and first distillation to intensify the agave flavor. We are proud to honor this traditional method, passed down from the generations before us, to create a quality tequila.