Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir 2014 750ml

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  • Bright ruby in color with ripe flavors and aromas of cherry, wild strawberry, vanilla, and caramel. This wine has some complexity unique to Pinot Noir with soft, juicy tannins.

Product details

The Dreaming Tree is named after the Dave Matthews Band track, "The Dreaming Tree," from the 1998 album, "Before These Crowded Streets." Although known for his day job as a professional musician, Dave's passion for grape growing and winemaking began years ago when like most people, he started out just drinking and enjoying wine.

As his interest in wine grew, Dave decided to try his hand at winemaking by starting a small vineyard and winery in Virginia. This venture proved to be enjoyable and so, when he chose to lay down roots in California's wine country, he decided he begin another wine project, this time in collaboration with Constellation Brand's Winemaker, Sean MacKenzie. The wines of The Dreaming Tree are a reflection of the duo's shared passion for making quality wine accessible to all.