Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo Sake 獭祭 纯米大吟釀 1.8L

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  • Overview
  • This is a great Daiginjo with aromas of fresh apples and peaches on the palate. This is relatively dry on the palate and makes an excellent match to steamed fish or any number of salty, light appetizers. Using Yamada-Nishiki rice polished down to 50%.
Brand Dassai
Region Japan
Spirits Type Sake
Spirits Style
ABV 16%

Product details

A refreshing, engaging, round flavor are what make the full-bodied Dassai 45 such a popular, well-known, and delicious sake to experts and consumers in Japan and overseas.  Excellent with food or alone, and delicious at all temperatures.  A Junmai Daiginjo suitable for daily consumption for a very reasonable price.