Beijing HuGuJiu, Tiger Bone 750ml

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  • A pricey traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tonic thought to impart the tiger's great strength and vigor. ABV: 58%
Region China
Spirits Type Baijiu
Spirits Style
ABV 58%

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Tiger Bone Wine Liquor (Hu Gu Jiu or Fu Gu Jiu) is probably the most well known Herbal Liquor in the World, and has been used for Centuries by Traditional Chinese Martial Artists as well as Chinese Doctors. Traditionally this Formulas was based around the Bone of Tigers. Nowadays, it has become the Spirit of the Liquor, not the Ingredient.

Tiger Bone Wine Liquor (Chinese: 虎骨酒; pinyin: Hǔ gǔ jiǔ) is an alcoholic beverage originally produced in China using bone from tigers as main ingredient. As Chinese sayings goes, “whichever organ you eat, supplements that same organ in your body.” Thinking tiger bone is what gave tigers strength and vigor, they believed that it’ll also apply to them if they ingest tiger bone. As a result, they used tiger bone as one of their ingredients in certain wines (which they used to cure diseases). The first specific reference of using tiger bone in wine has been dated back as far as 500AD.

Tiger Bone Wine Liquor became so popular that the demand for tiger bone increased. In the 1990s, the excessive demand was claimed to be a major factor in the tiger's state of functionally extinction.

This bottle of Tong Ren Tang’s Tiger Bone Wine Liquor is made with more than 147 different valuable Chinese medicines. These ingredients include: rhinoceros horn, calculus bovis, musk, cordyceps sinensis, saffron flower, cornu cervi pantotrichum, ginseng, goji berry, rehmannia, yuzhu, etc. It is very sweet and bitter, with heavy notes of medicine and herbs. This drink is mainly famous for its after effect.