Bank Note Peated Reserve 5YR Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml

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  • Overview
  • Scotland- Gentle smoke lingers over burnt toffee, vanilla, plum jam and ginger, Smoke on the tongue fades into fresh apple peel, dark chocolate, and a peppery spice.
Brand Bank Note
Region Scotland
Spirits Type Scotch
Spirits Style Blended Scotch
ABV 40%

Product details

Bank Note Peated Reserve uses blends of malts and grains from both Speyside and Highland Regions in Scotland.

Speyside is known for the warm weather and clear water. It is a small land surrounded by green fields full of flowers.
There’s a strong character in the Highland region. They mainly produce Peated whiskies.

Blended from these two very different parts of Scotland, the whisky taste profile comes out extremely well structured.

This whisky is aged in American oak barrels for 5 years. It has perfectly balanced tastes of fruits, spices, and peat.