Absolut Oak Vodka 750ml

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  • Vodka rested on oak. Redefining what to expect from vodka. Be one of the first to taste Oak by Absolut.
Brand Absolut
Region Sweden
Spirits Type Vodka
Spirits Style
ABV 40%

Product details

What does Oak by Absolut taste like? Resting on Swedish, French, and American oak, Absolut experiences an unbelievably delicious transformation. From clear to dark, our vodka develops a rich depth and bold character unlike any other. The oak brings a character of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak to the already smooth vodka. Oak by Absolut is rested on oak to add a rich, complex taste to enhance even the simplest cocktails.

Ingredients & nutrition facts Oak by Absolut is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). There are no coloring or flavoring agents used, just oak wood.

How is Oak by Absolut made? To make Oak by Absolut we use the traditional craft of resting the spirit in handmade oak barrels, along with a new bespoke process of steeping the vodka in oak chips. OAK by Absolut is made in the village of Åhus Sweden, One Source from where all the Absolut Vodka is made.